Ontario schools are not safe.

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What's happening in Ontario’s schools?

The systemic minimization of the severity and prevalence of COVID-19 has made schools unsafe. This year in Ontario rates of infection and death are up, 13 children have died, and 1570 children have been hospitalized.

Illness is rampant

Schools are known sites of transmission but students are encouraged to attend class mask-free while contagious. Many infections are spread unknowingly because 31% of all cases are asymptomatic and and RATS have a high rate of false-negatives.

The SARS-Cov-2 virus spreads quickly, infects quickly and can stay in the air for hours.

The consequences are real

COVID-19 is airborne. It is not just a cold. Children are not immune. Infection can damage the lungs, brain, nervous system, and lead to cancer, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

Getting sick does not create lasting immunity and multiple infections increase health risks.

Schools must end the reckless endangerment of our children and communities.

Safety is possible

Beyond masking and isolation, there are affordable, accessible ways schools can improve air safety without mandates.

  • Educate about air safety and risk
  • Encourage and model masking
  • Use Corsi-Rosenthall boxes
  • Invest in UV-sterilization
  • Report absentee data
  • Monitor air quality
  • Improve ventilation
  • Reduce lunchtime risks
  • Accept donations to improve air safety
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